Sunday, October 2, 2011

Royal Celebration

 Guess who left her Castle in Disneyland visited Arkansas for a special girls birthday party. "Belle" wasn't sure what to think of her special guest. She was a bit overwhelmed! Who wouldn't's CINDERELLA after all :)
 I love this picture because if you look closely...this is when the "little" princesses noticed Cinderella arriving ( a total surprise).
 Who knew Cinderella's carriage made pit stops in Fayetteville?
 Cinderella brought a gift for the birthday girl. Stella just stared at her.
 Most of the princesses with the special guest. It was so hard to get a picture because the girls just kept looking at Cinderella.
 Amelia and Cinderella
 Cinderella and Ashlen
 Hannah with her twin Cinderella
 Lilly showing Cinderella her fresh manicure from the Bibbibi Bobbiti Boutique :)
 Singing happy birthday to the birthday girl. Stella was conducting everyone with her wand.
 Digging in. I love how Stella is holding this cupcake with her new her rings on.
 Having a picnic with Belle and Ashlen.
 Little Sister was a Rock Princess.
 Miss Kate getting her nails done by the fairy Godmother.
 And of course EVERY Royal Celebration has a Prince Charming...and Josiah was oh so charming. Other boys were there but somehow I managed to NOT get any pcitures of them.
 Kate and Hannah playing at "Belle's Ball" (see this post for explanation)
 Princess Amelia decorating her "Cinderella Carriage"
 More Boutique fun.
It was so fun to see these little sweethearts dress up. Loved it. Sleeping Beauty (Ashlen), Cinderella (Kate), and Belle (Stella)
All princesses MUST wear their heals when playing on the slide.

I have to admit this was such a fun party to plan, but it was even more "magical" to watch it unfold. Stella had such a great time with all her friends. She is still talking about and has asked me if Cinderella made her way back to the Prince:)

I'm glad my Little Belle had a good time because really that's all that matters. Plus lets face it, I love Disneyland and Disney World so it was fun to have a little taste of it right here in our backyard.

Happy Birthday Sweet Princess Stella.


Lyndsey said...

That is SUCH a cute idea! I love it!!! I just know Stella and her little friends did too; way to go, mom (and dad...?)!

Jessica Harriman said...

What a cute party! Amelia was the perfect Cinderella!

Rebekah said...

Syd, so so cute! I am almost tearing up thinking about missing it. Cilla would have loved every single second!

Jenna said...

Aw, happy birthday princess Stella!! I am so, so sad we had to miss it!