Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekend Fun..Toddler Style

 So these pictures are backwards, but I don't have time to figure out why :)
Anyway, we had a busy weekend. I should really say Stella had a busy weekend. Two birthdays and a LOT of sugar.
How sweet are these 4 girls...singing happy birthday to the Busy Bee Hannah. Hannah was even singing to herself :)
 Sweet birthday girl. The Bee theme was adorable. Her mama, Stacy, did a great job!
 The Bee party was at a local jump place and of course Stella had a blast.
 We started our day at the Jones Center for a swimming party. Stella was even brave enough to go down the slide with daddy!
 She loved it, but once was enough :)
 The pool is awesome and there was a great current and I think her and Tom lapped it at least 200 times.
I'm bummed because this is the ONLY picture I got of the birthday boy Benjamin (he's the one with Tom in the water). Once we moved to the party room, Emerson needed  a break so I didn't get any pictures of the bday boy. Anyway, the lifeguards wouldn't let the bday boy go down the slide by himself (even though he wanted to and had a life vest on), SO Tom was the lucky winner to "escort" Benjamin down the slide. They had a great time. I'm not sure how many times they went, but I know Tom loved it. Benjamin even told him they weren't going fast enough so they had to push the limits more.

It was a great Saturday. We are so thankful for the great friends we have in the area and their sweet little ones that we get to celebrate!

Tomorrow I'll try to blog about our big 8 month old! Happy 8 Months Emerson!

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