Thursday, October 6, 2011

Beyond Blessed

 To say I'm blessed is a MAJOR understatement! This past week my mom AND 82 year old Grandma came to Arkansas for a special birthday party. It was such a good time and it went by WAY to fast. I could kick myself for not taking more pictures, but we were having too much fun. I have the memories. I know my mom and grandma have to be wiped out, but they didn't show it while they were here. It was go, go, go as usual!
 Emerson talking to her great grandma, I'm so thankful for this very moment!
 Emme obviously thought Grandma Reen was funny.
 What else do you do when Grandmas visit? You have a taco bell picnic of course.
 So sweet.
 These two are usually inseparable. I don't know where it stems from but my mom (or as Stella calls her, Gaga) and Stella have a very special bond. When together, you will normally see them side by side. Stella doesn't always do well when saying goodbye to Gaga, but this time was a little easier because we dropped her off at school before going to the airport. But she has asked several times when she gets to see Gaga again.
One last picture before next time.

It's always hard to say goodbye when my mom comes, but this time tugged on the heart strings a little more. I am so thankful my Grandma made this trip. It's been a tough few months (we lost my grandpa in June) so it was a sweet time. My grandma and i laughed because she never thought she'd be in Arkansas again, but here she was. If I'm honest, I didn't think I'd STILL be in Arkansas, but God has continued our journey here.It's not easy being away...not easy at all. BUT I know there's a reason I'm here and while it's hard sometimes I'm eager to see what God has in store. We love our little life here, but we do miss family too.
However, I'll continue to count my blessings! I think I enjoy being a mom so much because of my incredible examples. Being a mom is fun. Being a mom is an adventure. Being a mom is a blessing. And while I don't want to sugar coat it and make it seem easy-peesy, it's challenging, I do know that because of my mom and grandma I LOVE IT.
Thanks for being incredible role models and loving me for me. We can't wait to see you in December!

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