Sunday, October 2, 2011

Party Prep

 You might wonder what it takes to be a princess! Well, Princess Stella is willing to share a few tips and give you the details from her Royal ball. Of course, you have to do your hair the night BEFORE the celebration.
 My mom (GaGa) bought these for her and we decided to try them out to get "Belle" hair for the party :)
 When your the princess you have to get ready early and make sure everything is in place. (the hair was a very curly was super cute)
 All the princesses were there. This was the dessert table...I didn't get the food table. When trying to keep up with a princess time can slip away :)
 Here are the party favors...the girls princesses got Disney cups with bracelets, a ring and of course a wand. The knights/princes took home swords with candy :)
 Every princess has a castle. This is Rapunzel's castle. It was a big hit with the boys.
 All princesses need to be glitzed up so we opened the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique nail salon. It was a HUGE hit.
 Jasmine was nice enough to loan us Aladdins' magic carpet.
 We decorated Cinderella's carriage.
 Belle's ball was a treasure box filled with treats under all the "balls". (this was daddy's idea and so fun)
And of course every princess party needs a fairy Godmother (aka Aunt Lori) who made the party extra magical with all the sparkly signs and special stickers for all the manicures.

It was so fun and I"m very thankful for Grandma Reen (my grandma), Gaga (my mom) and Grammie (Tom's mom) for cleaning, rearranging, suggesting, cooking, shopping to make this Royal Celebration a little Princesses Dream.

Party Pics coming soon!

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