Saturday, October 8, 2011

Woo Pig

 Let's call those hogs! It's game day here in Fayetteville and the girls were showing their spirit. Since Daddy had plans to cheer on the hogs with Papa...we (the girls) decided we were going to have some fun too.
 When the Daddy's are away.. the princesses will play. We invited Cilla and her mommy, Rebekah, over for some fun. We had high hope of watching the game, but Stella was a big whiny (ok, a lot) and Emerson was all out of sorts. But don't worry once we got the princess attire out...we had a good ole time.

 What? There's a game on...
 Well like any good princess, LET'S CALL THOSE HOGS!
Their daddy's would be so proud.

It was a typical night with kiddos. Crazy and loud, but us mommy's got a little chit chat time. And let's face it...who doesn't like watching the Hogs with Disney Royalty :)


Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

Love those sweet princesses! (: Oh and Go Hogs!!

Anonymous said...

What adorable girls! Yes, their daddies would be proud.