Saturday, May 15, 2010

4 Generations

While I was in Oregon my mom, grandma, Stella and I packed up the car and headed north to see my Aunt, cousins and their little girls. It was so fun to be with so many generations of wonderful women. Of course, we ATE A LOT! Then we got to go to one of my cousins basketball games and another's softball game. It was blast and the weather was incredible. Stella loved playing with Augie...that's why she didn't want me holding her...too much to do!
Sharing her bunny with Augie at the basketball game.

Cheering for Gracie can wear a girl out!

Then it was off to the softball fields. Stella enjoyed rearranging the drinks in the girls chairs.

Taking a break with Grandma Reen.

Checking out the dugout! Go ABBY! ( I just realized I don't have a picture of Abby, sorry little miss were too busy tearing it up on the field!)
How cute are these women?! Nancy (my cousin), Aunt Beula, my mom and my grandma!
Some incredible women and boy do they laugh when they get together!!!
Stella hanging with the big girls...Gracie and Augie!

The view of Mt. Hood on the way home. Um, breathtaking! and NO it's not smoking, just a cloud :)

Worn out! Thanks for a great time girls. Sonia, sorry I didn't get a picture of you either. I really meant to get a picture of all of us, but I forgot.

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Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

Girl you are looking skinny mini in that first picture! I love the one of her laying down on her bunny on the basketball court!! She is just so precious!!!