Tuesday, May 4, 2010


We had playgroup again, so I thought I'd share some picks of Stella's sweet friends. Of course she went straight to Reid when he got here.

Miss Amelia! Aren't those curls to die for!

Wild man Trenton.

Just as wild, Brody. He thought it was hilarious to jump on Trenton (who is in the tent). I loved listening to their giggles! Please notice the playroom...yes, they had fun!

This picture is a little embarrassing. Sweet Brayden got into our dogs food dish and got a little snack. His sweet mommy came to the rescue, but I felt bad. Next time I'll put the food up.

After a little play time some of the moms and kiddos headed to lunch. We went to Chili's and I have to say they've changed the menu and I was very disappointed, but thank goodness for their chips and salsa!

Well, at least we were in good company!

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Jenna said...

Don't feel bad! It was so funny! And I have to tell you, I was telling my mom what he did and she goes "I have a confession...". Apparently when we were in Atlanta, he ate CAT food at her house! Haha!