Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Zooooooooooooo

I LOVE the Oregon Zoo and since Stella is really into animals and animal sounds now my parents thought she'd love it too and they were RIGHT. Here she is before the big day at the zoo.

Checking out the black bears with GaGa.
The elephants. I didn't realize how many were at the zoo. They had 4 outside

and this guy was inside.

I love how she is trying to get a closer look at the zebras here.

The zoo has everything. It even has a bird area where you can feed these guys and Stella was loving it!
I think this picture is so cute of my parents with Stella. Stella loved driving the tractor in the petting zoo/farm animal section. The petting part of the zoo was closed, ha!
She just kept saying goat, goat, goat over and over! It was so cute.

Taking a ride.

Here's proof I was there too. :)

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Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

I LOVE the zoo. We need to schedule a Saturday playgroup at the Gentry zoo!! LOoks like Stella had so much fun.