Saturday, May 22, 2010

Babies, Sick and Panties...Oh My

Today I snuck away to help shower this pretty lady, Lisa, as she is expecting her second in June. This is her first, Trenton, and Trevor will make his appearance soon! Stella LOVES Trenton.

Isn't this cake SOO cute. Yes, it's from Rick's Bakery for all you locals.

Lisa's mom made this bedskirt (all the bedding really) and I just loved Lisa's reaction.
This is one of many showers to come---everyone around me is pregnant! EVERYONE!

When I got home Stella wasn't acting her normal self so I took her temperature and you betcha...she is running a low grade temp. All she wanted to do was watch Yo Gabba Gabba.

Poor thing. I tried to play with her little people, dolls, read, BUT it was Yo Gabba Gabba all the way. We really knew she didn't feel good because she found a cup of Tom's water and tried to take a sip and spilt ALL over her and burst into tears and would NOT stop crying. If you know Stella, then you know she would normally just crack up. Poor thing!
But don't worry...

after a quick outfit change Stella found a surprise I bought for her at Walmart. BIG GIRL PANTIES! Here she is showing them all off.

Sorting her panties. She still shows a little interest (ok, very little lately) in the potty, but I saw these and decided why not. Yes, they have Elmo on them and she LOVES them! I can't believe I've already bought panties for my BABY! Where has the time gone?
I hope you're enjoying your weekend. I was hoping we might hit the pool but I think we'll take it easy since Miss Thang is not 100%.


Anonymous said...

wanna watch me cum in your panties?

Anonymous said...

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