Friday, May 14, 2010

You Want ME to Get DIRTY?

Get ready for a picture overload, but there were too many to pick from so I chose a LOT. Anyway, my mom always plants amazing flowers in her yard each spring and this year she waited for Miss Stella to arrive to help her. I don't know how much help she was, BUT she sure was cute. We learned Miss Priss doesn't like her hands to get dirty, but she LOVES water. The pictures say ALOT.
Helping GaGa find the perfect selection.

Not sure about the dirt. NOT sure at ALL.

"What is this on my hands?"

Please notice she is carrying that flower.

Oh this is much better!


I think this little girl is going to love the water this summer. And that's a good thing considering it gets HOT in Arkansas.

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Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

Get that girl a sprinkler!! Or, soon she can come over and play in Lilly's!! I like the second idea best. Haha. Or maybe both...there are possibilities to work with. I am going to get them a little inflatable pool with a slide at some point too...I am so psched up about summer!