Sunday, May 2, 2010

Boys, Boys, Boys and MORE Boys!

Today Stella was in heaven. Her friend Trenton turned three! She was SOO excited to see "Tenton" and to top it off it was trained themed. She kept saying choo choo over and over.
Here's the birthday boy. Trenton was VERY aware all the attention was on him at this point. It was too cute!
Such a sweet boy.

Speaking of BOYS...I think Stella is a little boy crazy. She will talk about all her boy friends before she ever mentions playing with one of her girl friends. So today was perfect because there were a lot of boys and boy toys, so she was in heaven. She is "sharing" with Isaac here.

Ha! I don't even know this little boy's name and I don't think she does either, but hey he has a JEEP. She's just like me!

Stella LOVED this jump tent...LOVED it! But please notice who is in there with her...ALL BOYS!

I know...her hair is shambles, but she wont keep a bow in and she'd already taken her pigtails out at this point, but she's still cute!

FINALLY, picture of Stella with Lilly! Even in the midst of all the boys today, Stella DID ask for Lilly and even followed her around some, so there's hope!

Happy Birthday Trenton...thanks for letting us join in the fun!


Jenna said...

I'm so sorry I had to miss the fun! We had a family dinner or we would have loved to have gone!

Jenna said...

Ha! She's adorable. My daughter is the exact opposite... she wants nothing to do with boys.

Jenna said...

(P.S. Hello, other Jenna! Pretty funny seeing two Jennas in a row.)